WAM Session — A Web3 recipe for an unstoppable blog on Swarm

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2 min readSep 23, 2022


In this WAM Session, Igor Shadurin will talk about how to publish an unstoppable blog using a web2 interface and web3 decentralised storage.

By combining these tools you can get the best from both worlds. The Swarm network provides secure and private storage that is free of arbitrary editorial policies. Forestry.io, on the other hand, brings a capable and intuitive web2-based user interface to the table that lets you easily style your blog the way you like it.

Igor has created a video-recipe in which, in a few simple steps, he combines his open source project based on the HUGO framework (the same category as WordPress) with a generic Ethereum wallet to upload data to the Swarm network. He also leverages Forestry.io’s interface to easily manage the newly-created, completely decentralised blog/website.

Do not miss the WAM session, where he will be interviewed by the WAM crowd to answer all their questions about the recipe and talk about the freedom of publishing in today’s world.

Tools you need for the recipe:

  • A private key (Igor uses Vanity ETH; you can also use any other private key, for example from a wallet) (free)
  • A Github account (free). His code in here.
  • A Forestry.io account (free)
  • ENS address (not free but optional, for better-looking URLs)


  1. Intro
  2. Objective: Create your own blog hosted in web2 and web3". Distributed using Swarm+ENS.
  3. What you’ll learn.
  4. Hands on keyboard: copy (fork) an already hosted blog.
  5. Create a personal key/wallet.
  6. Upload data to create new content.
  7. Links to your blog.
  8. A better interface.
  9. An even more friendly URL.
  10. Bye, bye.

This blogpost is extracted to Medium from the unstoppable We Are Millions blog.



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