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WAM Session — A Web3 recipe for an unstoppable blog on Swarm

  • A private key (Igor uses Vanity ETH; you can also use any other private key, for example from a wallet) (free)
  • A Github account (free). His code in here.
  • A account (free)
  • ENS address (not free but optional, for better-looking URLs)
  1. Intro
  2. Objective: Create your own blog hosted in web2 and web3". Distributed using Swarm+ENS.
  3. What you’ll learn.
  4. Hands on keyboard: copy (fork) an already hosted blog.
  5. Create a personal key/wallet.
  6. Upload data to create new content.
  7. Links to your blog.
  8. A better interface.
  9. An even more friendly URL.
  10. Bye, bye.



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