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3 min readOct 11, 2022


Source: Devcon official page

After a two-year covid break, Devcon is finally back on the agenda, this time in Bogota, Colombia. From 7 to 16 October, a Swarm delegation will be there to show the Ethereum and wider crypto community how far the network has come in the meantime.

A winning solution with Swarm network at the Infinite Genesis hackathon

Even before Devcon began, the Swarm network made an impact at the Infinite Genesis hackathon (7–9 October) in Bogota, co-organized by the Swarm Association. One of the projects, Fairbid, a fairer bidding system that discourages scalpers and bots, used the Swarm network as part of its submission and won first place.

An entry from Free-vzla x Swarm, a message board that informs the world about what’s really going on in Venezuela, also made it to the 15 finalists and on top of that won the “Best use of Swarm for protecting freedom of information” bounty.

The “Best use of Swarm for social good” prize went to XKeeper Dao and “Best use of Swarm for Devcon” to Zenmo.

Congrats to all!

A web3-hosted video archive and agenda

But Devcon, as the main event, the Swarm network will show what it’s capable of. Besides hosting a Web3 mirror version of the official Devcon agenda, it’ll also host the Devcon video archive via Etherna’s decentralised video platform. Decentralised, censorship-resistant Web3 at Devcon. Exactly as it should be.

“Run your own Bee node” workshop @ Devcon

Those who want to learn how to become part of the Swarm network are invited to attend a dedicated workshop explaining how to run a full Bee or light node. The workshop will take place at Devcon on 12 October at 15:00 local time in Workshop 4.

A team of developers from the Swarm Foundation will be there as well, ready to help. This will be your opportunity to learn first-hand how to start earning rewards for providing services to the network or storing content into it.

Empowering digital freedom

Part of the Swarm delegation will also be taking part in the “Regens Unite” event with a talk titled “Freedom of Speech, Anonymity & Autonomy: dark zones/free zones”. The talk will be on 12 October at 15:00 local time.

Watch out for the announcements on Twitter to see the Devcon After Dark agenda as well. We will be hosting a Devcon edition of the Freedom of Speech corner that you have seen in Paris, Warsaw and Berlin already. There’ll be facilitated discussions as well as plenty of opportunity to grab the mic and share whatever is on your mind.

Build on Swarm and come get your swag

This is also a call to all you builders at Devcon who want to make the world a more censorship-free, private and decentralised place. Come talk to us and find out how the Swarm network can give your project new powers. And grab some swag at our Swag booth while you’re at it.

Become part of our community and don’t miss out on all the latest news.

See you in Bogota!



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